Micheal Jonhsen has no choice but to resign immediately after ABC investigation.

Last week we heard the horrific allegations that Nationals MP Michael Johnsen raped a sex worker. The woman at the centre of the allegations says she was paid to perform oral sex, but says Mr Johnsen did not stop and sexually assaulted the woman.

Mr Johnsen maintains his innocence, and in a statement Mr Johnsen said, without admission, that he would step aside from his parliamentary secretary role and would not sit in the Nationals party room nor the joint party room while the police investigation was underway.

This week an investigation by the ABC has revealed that Mr Johnsen was messaging the woman during Question Time and also sent the woman lewd videos of himself. You can read the full investigation by the ABC here.

Text messages revealed he offered the sex worker $1000 to come to Parliament House and have sex in his office. He also sent a video of a man, presumably himself, masturbating in a toilet.

It’s alleged the pair met three times and Mr Johnsen only made a partial payment to the woman.

Whilst it’s not illegal to hire the services of a sex worker, sexting during Question Time and masturbating in the toilets certainly should be enough for Mr Johnsen to resign immediately.

We must presume innocent until proven guilty when it comes to the sexual assault claim, and we will have to wait for the police investigation to conclude.