Liberal Councillor Paul Dunn says Cessnock GOVT funding has never been higher

Just days after Labor MP Clayton Barr accused the liberals of pork barreling before the last election, we spoke to to Liberal Councillor Paul Dunn, who told us that the Cessnock LGA has received more Government funding than ever before.

With over 7 million dollars being spent in the Cessnock LGA they would certainly be accused of pork barreling if an election was held next week.

Projects include

  • Cessnock Youth Centre to receive $120,000;
  • Cessnock Outreach $75,000;
  • Cessnock Airport $6.6m upgrade;
  • Branxton Greta Little Athletics $98,000;
  • Cessnock PCYC $217,000;
  • Cessnock Top Blokes Foundation $215,000;
  • Cessnock City Council to help progress the Richmond Vale Rail Trail Project $75,000

We are in the process of a medium term strategy to turn the CPAC building into a visual and performing arts cultural hub, and in the near future we are going to be applying for grants to fund this.
If this is successful, and it falls around the time of the next election, I wonder if the Labor Party will accuse us of porkbarrelling then? The people of the hunter are starting to see through the antics of the Labor Party.

Councillor Paul Dunn

Cessnock has also been givin just over $1 million dollars to fast track infrastructure projects in the Cessnock LGA which council has yet to allocate.

Whilst we missed out on funding for lighting at the Performing Arts Center overall Cessnock is doing pretty good when it comes to cash grants from state and federal Governments.