Upper Hunter By-Election as it happens

  • Jeff Drayton selected as Labor Party candidate
  • Sue Gilroy selected as Shooter and Fishers candidate
  • Mark Latham yet to confirm if he will run as Pauline Hanson’s One Nation candidate
  • Stuart Bonds dumped by One Nation, spectates running as an independent

  • Joel Fitzgibbon backs Jeff Drayton

    Heavy weight Joel Fitzgibbon backs Jeff Drayton for the Upper Hunter By-Election and says Jodi McKay and Jeff Drayton could have been stronger in their support of coal mining in the Upper Hunter.

    Labor Candidate Jeff Drayton is a great choice. If successful he’ll make a great representative for all residents of the Upper Hunter. He and Jodi McKay could not have been stronger in their support for our coal mining industry today and showed they understand the need for economic diversity building in our region. It would be fantastic to have Jeff fighting for us in Sydney.

  • Labor falls in love with coal again with Jeff Drayton

    Labor for the last few months have run a net zero narrative and trying to appeal to the green vote, but all of a sudden Labor has fallen back in love with coal, in a surprising move appointed Jeff Drayton as their candidate for the Upper Hunter By-Election.

    Jeff Drayton is a Coal Miner and Union official, who has used his first media appearance to demand the end to demonizing the mining industry.

    “I’m a coal miner and a proud coal miner,” he said. “Every time I open the newspaper or turn the TV on, I see someone having a go at coal miners, and that has to stop, and I’m going to fight bloody hard to make sure it does. Said Jeff Drayton”

    Whilst I agree with Jeff Drayton that the bashing the Coal Industry has to stop, I do think you’re in the wrong party as Labor’s current climate view does not align with a strong and vibrant Coal Industry and they have strongly pushed Net Zero 2050 and Renewable Energy Policy’s which goes against what you are standing for.

    Jodi McKay said that NSW Labor would not back a ban on coal mining in the Upper Hunter and coal mining would not have an effect on Labor’s target of Net Zero 2050.

    According to the Climate Council to reach net zero, it is vital that we replace all fossil fuel use and meet all of our energy needs with renewables.

    So who should we believe, Jodi McKay and Labor who believes they can have cake and eat it or the climate council who tells us that the world is going to end if we don’t take action now.