Stuart Bonds Dumped After Bitter Feud.

One Nation dumps Stuart Bonds after One Nation supported the government’s industrial reform laws, which Stuart Bonds strongly opposed.

Stuart Bonds, who came so close to taking Labor’s safe seat in Hunter in 2019 has been dumped along with the hope that One Nation could be a viable alternative to Labor in the Hunter Region.

Four weeks ago, if you asked me, could Stuart Bonds beat Joel Fitzgibbon, I would have said yes, undoubtedly because the Labor party has fallen out of touch with reality and is heading down the path of wokeness and have aligned themselves so closely to Greens it’s sickening to watch.

Many people thought that Stuart Bonds and One Nation were going to be a competitive alternative in the Hunter backing the rich coal mining industry and the common worker.

One Nation than showed it’s true colors and voted with the government attacking casual workers’ rights and scraping laws to make wage theft illegal.

Stuarts Bonds is at odds with his former party and criticized Malcom Roberts and Pauline Hanson for voting with the Government on their IR reforms that has lead to him being dumped.

A sex scandal was playing out in the Upper Hunter with Former State MP Michael Johnsen, which has triggered a By-Election and many people were hoping that Stuart Bonds would run for a state seat, but Malcom Roberts quickly ruled that out.

Stuart Bonds being dumped by One Nation could open the door for Stuart to run for the Upper Hunter as an independent.

Now that One Nation has imploded in the Hunter and the Nationals brand has been tarnished by Johnsens sex scandal, it’s almost certainly looks like labor will take the Upper Hunter in the State Election and Joel Fitzgibbon effectively has no viable competition for his federal seat of Hunter.

Political Editor – Conan Visinko