State Government lets playground rot into dangerous state of disrepair

Today Tim Crakanthorp was at the Neill Terrace playground with Hamilton South residents to speak with the media about thier petition for a replacement playground.

The State Government has allowed this playground to rott into a dangerous state of disrepair and has no plans to rebuild this playground for kids of Hamilton South, they would sooner bulldoze the park and turf over it.

Well, since I was there last it’s, unsurprisingly, degraded further – I’m holding another plank that has fallen off the bridge

You can help Tim by requesting a hard copy of the petition by Emailing or calling Tim Crakanthorps office, details below.

Letting an asset degrade to eventually be bulldozed is not how you support a community. If anyone would like a copy of the petition please get in touch with my office on 4926 1126 or

Tim crakanthrop mp