Looks we may have got our information wrong, no decision has been made on Anzac day for 2021 in Cessnock.

Anzac day 2020 was like no other, but we still found a way to remember whilst in lockdown, but 2021 is also very different and there is absolutely no reason why we cannot remember as we normally would with dawn services and a parade.

Cessnock Council only has one meeting before Anzac day where the decision can be overturned, but unfortunately ANZAC day is not on the agenda and the decision will likely come down to Mayor Bob Pynsent.

We have spoken to Independent Councillor Ian Olsen, who says he will push for motion of urgency for Anzac Day in 2021.

Liberal Councillor Paul Dunn said the biggest hurdle would be applying to have roads closed for the parade and has made inquiries with the General Manager.