Nuatali Nelmes vows to ban vaxxed bus from Newcastle

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, the world is counting on a Covid-19 vaccine, which is being developed at warp speed. The vaccine is being hailed as the golden ticket for the world return to normal. The big question is will it be safe?

As the pandemic continues so does the rise in fake news, conspiracy theories and anti vaxers. Social media is on the front line of removing fake news and has banned these pages and YouTube channels

The Australian Vaccination-risk Network says it’s been unfairly targeted by social media in trying to silence their cause and now they has purchased a state of the art bus to travel around Australia. The event is designed to have real discussions around vaccine safety and wanting anyone who has had a bad experience with vaccines share their stories.

The Vaxxed bus is due to arrive in Newcastle in October, but there is just one problem Newcastles Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmesis is vowing to ban the bus from entering Newcastle and holding a two day event.

City of Newcastle will not tolerate the spreading of dangerous misinformation about public health matters.

We will ban the event, and any anti-vaccination events, from occurring on any of our land, or at any of our facilities, and will take enforcement action if any unapproved events take place in our City.

Nuatali Nelmes Newcastle Lord Mayor

This is a very controversial decision being taken by Nuatali Nelmes Newcastle Lord Mayor to shut down free speech, even if the vast majority of people disagree with anti vaxers and their views including myself, but on the other hand I believe in free speech.

We reached out to The Australian Vaccination-risk Network but they have not commented on whether the event will go ahead if it’s banned.