When you think of the Hunter Valley you think of prestigious wines and picturesque views of the rolling hills and grapevines, classy wine tastings, cheese boards and fancy markets to buy organic products, but sometimes that’s just not enough to keep a man intrested, and you have to break some f**king sh*t.

Feeling stressed, angry or have just have the need to break some f**king sh*t than the Hunter Valley Rage Room is just the place for you to let loose and let out all your negative feelings in a safe room. I personally hope I can pick a music playlist whilst I’m breaking stuff, if that’s not an available add on than that idea is on us.

Each person is given a crate of smashable bottles to destroy with sledge hammers, perfect bucks or hens party idea or you might just need to let out your anger. Some people may need to buy add on crates to satisfy their needs.