The Knights and Dragon’s went head to head their first preseason game of the year and the Knights got of to cracking start with Jayden Brailey scoring first points in the 21th minute.

The Dragons hit back with a try of their own late in the second with Mikaele Ravalawa scoring in the 35th minute to level up the scores before half time.

The Knights stay on break for the remainder of the second half as the Dragons put them to the sword scoring 4 unanswered tries and Jordan Percira scored 3 times in 16 minutes.

• Jordan Pereira 41′
• Jordan Pereira 44′
• Brayden Wiliame 49
• Jordan l’ereira 37

The Knights managed to wake up as Luke Huth
went over in the 65 minute.

But it was Jordan Pereria who was having the game of his career and crossed the line for his 4th try of the match in the 69th minute and than right
before full timc Adam Clune crossed the line in the 77th minute. The Dragons convincing winners over the Knights 38 to 12